Mikhara, of Indian heritage, grew up in South Africa and immigrated to Australia when she was 14. At age 17, she decided to come out to her parents. Armed with the optimism and determination of youth, she could not fully comprehend the gravity of the response she received and out of fear and lack of access to role models or support, she attempted to suppress her sexuality. She attempted to come out again at age 20, 22 and 25 and finally stayed out.

She created Ethnic LGBT with the hope to help other LGBT people of ethnic heritage navigate the cultural challenges they may face by being a member of the LGBT community. In her 10+ years of bringing her parents along her journey, she has learned valuable lessons and ways to communicate to help her Indian community understand and support her. She is proud of her parent’s progression, them having met her partner for the first time last year, and is excited to continue to bring them along with her on her journey forward.

She wants Ethnic LGBT to be a safe place for you to share your story and meet a supportive network of others like you. Ethnic is defined and understood as a population subgroup with a common national or cultural tradition within a larger national or cultural group. For example, a subgroup of Indians within the larger national group of Australia.ethniclgbt